Create short form clips faster than ever

Take the stress out of editing and get your content onto platforms like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok faster. Produce quality content that will stand out amongst the rest.

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Created with Clippa

These clips were created with Clippa, edit the subtitles animations position and more.

Advanced Video Processing

Enhance your videos with our powerful processing tools.

Embed accurate subtitles and captions directly into your clips.


Faster. Smarter.

The best tool to mass produce your content for social media. Unbeatable Features and Benefits for Transforming your Video Production


Split Screen

Split your videos and add gameplay to them.



Add captions to your videos automatically using the power of AI.



Smooth animations to make your videos stand out.


Fast and easy presets for video creation automation.


Upscaled Resolution

Export your videos in 1080p resolution for higher quality videos.


Work Faster. Clippa can create 100's of videos in under an hour.

Clippa: It's not just video editing, it's your content creation cheat code.

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